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200% Deposit Bonus Up To €/$10,000 + 50 Free Spins

When you make your first deposit at Lucky Block you will automatically qualify for a 200% welcome bonus.

The bonus is paid in 10 instalments with a maximum of 10,000 EUR available to those who deposit 5,000 Euro.  How it works: 1Register a new account at Lucky Block 2 Make your first deposit of at least 20 EUR 3 Every time you wager your initial deposit 6 times 10% of the bonus is released. 4 Plus, every first-time depositor of 20 EUR or more gets instantly credited with 50 Free Spins on Wanted Dead or a Wild!


200% Up To $25,000 Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins

When you make your first deposit at WSMCasino you will automatically qualify for a 200% rakeback.

The bonus is paid in 10 instalments, with a maximum of $25,000 or 1 BTC available to those who deposit $12,500.  How it works: 1Register a new account at WSMCasino 2 Make your first deposit of at least $30. 
3 Every time you wager your initial deposit 6 times 10% of the bonus is released. 4 If your first deposit of $30 or more is with WSM Token, you will instantly receive 200 free spins on the slot 'Wanted Dead or a Wild' by Hacksaw Gaming, instead of only 10. 5 Otherwise, every other first-time depositor of $30 or more gets instantly credited with 10 Free Spins on 'Wanted Dead or a Wild'!





100% Bonus Up To 1 BTC + 10% Weekly Cashback

A 100% bonus means that Betpanda will double your first deposit. So, if you deposit 0.5 Bitcoin, Betpanda will give you another 0.5 Bitcoin, giving you a total of 1 Bitcoin to play with. The maximum bonus you can receive is 1 Bitcoin, which is a considerable sum given the current value of Bitcoin. Why crypto? Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized online transactions. They offer anonymity, fast transactions and are free from centralized control. By offering a bonus in cryptocurrencies, Betpanda not only fits in with its crypto-centric ethos, but also provides players with a currency that could increase in value over time. 


400% Bonus Up To $10,000 + 300 Free Spins

T&C's Apply.


100% Welcome Bonus Up To 1 BTC + Exclusive 50 Free Spins

T&C's Apply.


Welcome Cashback Of Up To 1 BTC

1. 100% Cashback bonus is available for the players after they make their FIRST deposit 2. 100% Cashback bonus is available ONCE for each player 3. Cashback bonus is credited on Sunday at 12:00 UTC 4. The minimum deposit required to get the bonus is 20 USDT or equivalent in another crypto currency 5. Maximum cashback amount is equal to your first deposit amount 6. Maximum Cashback bonus amount is 1 BTC or equivalent in another cryptocurrency 7. You receive your Cashback bonus, depending on result of your bets in slots and live games during the previous week 8. Cashback is received in form of bonus money and has 40x wagering requirement. More T&C's apply.





100% Bonus Up To $200 Or 150% For $200-$1,000 Deposits

This bonus offer will only be available on your first deposit and will be withdrawable once the qualifying Playthrough requirement has been met or upon losing the entire balance it will expire. You may wager over the max bet of $5 but only a maximum of $5 will count toward the Playthrough requirement. Bonus Buys are also allowed but anything over $5 will not count toward the playthrough requirement.


10% Cashback


Cryptocurrencies are reshaping various industries, and online gambling is no exception. The rise of crypto casinos has introduced a new wave of innovation and benefits for players. These platforms leverage the unique properties of blockchain technology to offer an enhanced gambling experience. This article delves into the various advantages of trying new crypto casinos, from enhanced privacy and faster transactions to unique games and improved payouts.

Enhanced Privacy and Anonymity

One of the most celebrated features of cryptocurrencies is the enhanced privacy and anonymity they provide. Crypto casinos typically require less personal information compared to traditional online casinos. Transactions are recorded on the blockchain without disclosing sensitive personal details, offering a level of privacy rarely found in conventional online gambling.

Faster and More Secure Transactions

Cryptocurrency transactions are known for their speed and security. Deposits and withdrawals in crypto casinos are often significantly faster than those involving traditional currencies, ensuring that players can access their winnings quickly. Additionally, the decentralized nature of blockchain technology means transactions are secure and irreversible, protecting players from fraud.

Access to Exclusive Bonuses and Promotions

To attract players, many new crypto casinos offer exclusive bonuses and promotions not found in traditional online casinos. These might include enhanced deposit bonuses, free spins, or cashback in various cryptocurrencies. The potential value of these promotions can be considerable, especially if the value of the cryptocurrency increases over time.

Global Access and Reduced Restrictions

Crypto casinos can offer broader access to players worldwide. Since cryptocurrencies aren’t tied to a specific country or banking system, they can bypass many of the jurisdictional and banking restrictions that traditional online casinos face. This global access allows players from various regions to enjoy online gambling, even in areas with restrictive gambling laws.

Provably Fair Gaming

‘Provably fair’ gaming is a concept unique to blockchain-based gambling. It allows players to verify the fairness of each game outcome themselves. After each game, players can use the blockchain to check that the result was generated fairly. This unprecedented level of transparency adds a layer of trust and security for players.

Innovative Games and Platforms

Crypto casinos often lead the way in technological innovation. They frequently introduce new and unique games, platforms, and betting options. From games based on blockchain technology to those offering unique themes and interactive features, these casinos are continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in online gambling.

Lower Fees and Higher Payouts

Cryptocurrency transactions typically involve lower fees than traditional currency transactions, especially when it comes to international transfers. For players, this can mean lower costs and, therefore, higher potential payouts. Over time, these savings can significantly affect the overall gambling experience and returns.

Enhanced Loyalty Programs and Community Building

To foster a loyal user base, new crypto casinos often offer competitive loyalty programs with rewards in cryptocurrency. Additionally, many of these platforms encourage community building through forums, social media, and interactive features, creating a more engaging and social gambling experience.

Keeping Up with Cryptocurrency Trends

Engaging with crypto casinos allows players to stay current with cryptocurrency trends and the digital asset market. For those interested in cryptocurrencies beyond gambling, this can provide valuable insights and experience with various digital currencies and their market behaviors.

Considerations and Risks

While the advantages of crypto casinos are compelling, it’s essential to acknowledge the considerations and risks. Cryptocurrency markets can be volatile, and the value of your winnings can fluctuate. Additionally, the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies and online gambling can vary significantly by region. It’s crucial to choose reputable crypto casinos with the necessary security measures and licenses. Always practice responsible gambling, and consider the risks and benefits carefully.


Trying new crypto casinos can offer a range of benefits, from faster transactions and enhanced privacy to innovative games and better payouts. As the world of online gambling continues to evolve, these platforms represent the cutting edge of what’s possible, leveraging the power of blockchain technology to provide a secure, transparent, and engaging gambling experience. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or new to the scene, exploring the world of crypto casinos can offer a fresh and potentially rewarding avenue for online gaming. As always, ensure you gamble responsibly and enjoy the journey into this new frontier of digital gaming.