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12BET Summary

12BET is an established online betting platform with a strong presence in the Asian market and growing visibility globally through strategic sports sponsorships. It offers a comprehensive sportsbook with competitive odds, particularly known for Asian handicap betting, but its casino and gaming offerings are noted to be less diverse. While 12BET provides various promotions and bonuses, feedback suggests these could be more competitive. Customer service is accessible, though the platform’s lack of live streaming for sports events has been pointed out as a shortfall. Despite facing controversies over betting practices and marketing strategies, 12BET has earned recognition in the betting industry, underlining its position as a notable option for bettors​.


In the world of online betting, 12BET emerges as a notable platform with its origins deeply rooted in the Asian market. Known for its extensive sportsbook and engagement in significant sports sponsorships, 12BET has carved a niche for itself in the global betting landscape. This article delves into the various facets of 12BET, offering a detailed insight into what bettors can expect.

About 12BET

12BET, established with a strong presence in Asia, extends its offerings to a global audience with a wide array of betting options. It’s renowned for its sports betting services and strategic partnerships with sports teams and events, enhancing its brand recognition worldwide. Despite facing challenges and controversies, 12BET has secured a commendable position in the online betting industry, underpinned by its awards and recognitions.

Types of Games

Slot Games

The platform’s selection of slot games, though limited, includes popular titles that cater to various themes and preferences. The availability of progressive jackpots adds to the allure for slot enthusiasts.

Table Games

Players looking for traditional casino experiences will find a modest range of table games, including blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. The variety, while satisfactory, may not rival the depth found on other platforms.

Live Games

The live casino section offers a more immersive experience with live dealers and a decent range of table games. Despite its smaller scale, it provides quality live gaming sessions.

Crypto Games

There’s no explicit mention of crypto games, indicating a potential area for expansion to cater to the growing interest in cryptocurrency betting.

Payment Methods

12BET supports deposits via debit and credit cards, with promotions often tied to these payment methods. The specifics regarding the diversity of payment options are less detailed, pointing to an area where bettors might seek more information.

Customer Service

The platform offers customer support through various channels, ensuring assistance is readily available. The absence of live streaming is noted as a gap in service, particularly for live sports betting enthusiasts.

Bonuses and Promotions

Promotional offers at 12BET include a welcome bonus and odds guarantees, though they might not be as competitive as those on other platforms. These incentives are designed to attract new users and provide value to ongoing bettors.

Geographies Covered

While 12BET has a significant Asian market presence, it extends its services globally. Detailed information on specific regions covered or restricted would require further investigation.

Mobile Experience

The mobile version of 12BET is user-friendly, accessible on both Android and iOS devices. It mirrors the desktop experience, ensuring bettors have a seamless experience across devices.

Security and Compliance

Security is a priority for 12BET, with a focus on responsible gambling and secure betting practices. The platform’s commitment to regulatory compliance and user safety is evident, although more details on licenses and specific security measures would be beneficial.

Associated Brands

12BET’s sponsorships with major sports teams and events like Manchester City FC and the LA Lakers bolster its brand image and appeal to a wide audience of sports fans.


12BET offers a solid betting experience with a focus on sports betting and live casino games. While there are areas for improvement, such as game variety and promotional offers, its strengths in brand recognition and security make it a reputable choice for bettors. As the platform evolves, expanding its offerings and enhancing user experiences could further solidify its standing in the competitive online betting industry.

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