Ireland Ends England’s Streak: Ireland vs. England, 2017 Six Nations


The 2017 Six Nations Championship was a stage set for dramatic showdowns, but none more anticipated than the clash between Ireland and England at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. This match was not just another fixture; it was where England, riding high on an 18-match winning streak, could make history. However, Ireland had other plans. For UK-based men aged 21-35 who are passionate about betting, understanding the intricacies of this match could be the key to unlocking successful betting strategies.

Prelude to the Match

The Six Nations tournament of 2017 saw England arriving in Dublin with an unblemished record, having dominated the championship with powerful displays of rugby. Ireland, while not in contention for the championship, was motivated by the opportunity to halt England’s record streak and defend their pride on home soil.

Leading up to the match, both teams had displayed formidable prowess. England was the favorite, poised to eclipse New Zealand’s record for consecutive wins. The stage was set, the stakes were high, and the atmosphere in Dublin was electric, filled with anticipation.

Breakdown of Ireland’s Winning Strategy

Ireland’s game plan was a masterclass in tactical rugby, particularly in defensive strategy. Central to their approach was an aggressive rush defense. This system stifled England’s creative playmakers, giving them little room to maneuver and disrupting their usual rhythm. Ireland’s defense was not just reactive but proactively planned to cut down space and time for England’s backs.

The forwards, under the astute leadership of Rory Best, executed a game plan that starved the English pack of possession and territory. The set pieces were a battleground where Ireland consistently outplayed England, with precise throws and well-timed jumps in the lineouts, primarily orchestrated by the outstanding Peter O’Mahony.

Key Performances and Game-Changing Moments

Several players stood out in this iconic match, but none more so than Jonathan Sexton and Peter O’Mahony. Sexton’s game management was exemplary; his kicking, both tactical and at goal, kept Ireland in command of the scoreboard and the field position throughout the match. O’Mahony’s performance in the lineouts and his relentless work rate in open play disrupted England’s plans and were crucial in securing possession and momentum for Ireland.

A game-changing moment came from a perfectly executed tactical kick by Sexton, followed by a chase and tackle that led to a crucial penalty in the second half. This not only added points but also significantly shifted the momentum towards Ireland, deflating the English side and energizing the Irish crowd.

Impact of the Match on Six Nations and International Rugby

The result of the match—13-9 in favor of Ireland—did not just end England’s winning streak; it reshaped the narrative of the Six Nations and international rugby for the year. England’s invincibility was shattered, and they had to go back to the drawing board, reassessing their strategies for future confrontations.

For Ireland, this victory was a massive boost. It proved their ability to compete against and overcome the best, instilling a belief that would carry forward into future tournaments, most notably their Grand Slam-winning campaign the following year.


The 2017 match between Ireland and England is a testament to the fact that in rugby, tactical brilliance and heart can overcome the odds. For betting enthusiasts, this match serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding team strategies, player forms, and historical contexts. These insights not only enhance the enjoyment of the game but are crucial in making informed betting decisions.


  1. What strategies did Ireland use to end England’s winning streak?
    • Ireland employed a strategic rush defense that limited space and opportunities for England’s key playmakers, combined with superior performance in set pieces like scrums and lineouts.
  2. Who were the standout players for Ireland in this match?
    • Jonathan Sexton for his leadership and precision in game management and Peter O’Mahony for his dominance in lineouts and crucial tackles.
  3. What was the final score of the match?
    • The match ended with a score of 13-9 in favor of Ireland.
  4. How did this victory affect England’s tactics in future games?
    • The loss forced England to reassess their strategies, particularly in handling high-pressure games and developing countermeasures to aggressive defensive tactics like those employed by Ireland.
  5. Can knowledge of past games improve betting accuracy?
    • Yes, understanding the tactical nuances and player performances in past games can provide insights that improve prediction accuracy and betting strategies.
  6. Where can I find reliable statistics and analysis for rugby betting?
    • Betting enthusiasts can look at sports analytics websites, betting platforms, and rugby forums that provide up-to-date statistics, expert analysis, and predictions.

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