How to Follow and Bet on Emerging Rugby Nations

Introduction to Emerging Rugby Nations

Rugby has long been dominated by a handful of countries known for their prowess and tradition in the sport. However, the rugby landscape is changing as more nations begin to make their mark on the international stage. These emerging rugby nations offer new opportunities for bettors looking to explore fresh markets and potentially find value bets. This article aims to guide bettors in the UK, particularly those aged 21-35, on how to follow and successfully bet on these rising rugby teams.

Spotlight on Key Emerging Rugby Nations

Georgia Georgia has been making significant strides in rugby, especially noted for their strong forwards and scrummaging power. Participating in the Rugby Europe Championship, they have shown consistent improvement and are contenders to qualify for more global tournaments like the Rugby World Cup.

Japan Japan’s rugby scene dramatically came into the spotlight following their stunning upset over South Africa in the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Since then, Japan has hosted the 2019 World Cup, enhancing their reputation and proving their capability to compete at high levels. Their style of play is fast-paced and tactical, making them a fascinating team for bettors.

Fiji While traditionally known for their excellence in sevens rugby, Fiji has been transitioning that success into the fifteen-a-side game. Their natural flair and unpredictable play style make them a thrilling watch and a tricky bet, often capable of surprising well-established rugby nations.

United States The USA is relatively new to the rugby elite but has shown potential through investments in domestic leagues and competitive performances in tournaments like the Americas Rugby Championship. With a growing interest in rugby among American athletes, the USA is poised to become a significant player on the international scene.

How to Follow Emerging Rugby Nations

Staying Updated with News and Matches For bettors, staying informed is crucial. Follow rugby news through platforms like ESPN Rugby, Rugby Pass, and dedicated rugby news websites. Social media channels of these rugby teams and tournaments also provide real-time updates and insights.

Understanding the Teams Knowing the teams’ strategies, player forms, and the impact of coaching styles is vital. This deeper understanding can give insights into potential performance in matches, which is critical for making informed bets.

Watching International Tournaments Keep an eye on tournaments where these teams feature prominently. The Rugby World Cup, Pacific Nations Cup, and regional qualifiers offer a chance to see these teams in action against a variety of opposition, providing a broader context for their capabilities and recent form.

Betting on Emerging Rugby Nations

Assessing Betting Odds Odds in rugby can be dynamic and reflect a variety of factors, including public sentiment, which can be swayed by a lack of knowledge about emerging teams. Learning how to read these odds in the context of lesser-known teams is essential.

Spotting Value Bets Emerging teams often come with less predictable odds. Factors such as recent improvements, playing at home, or having key players return from injuries can offer value bets that are overlooked by the majority.

Risk Management Betting on emerging nations requires careful risk management. Since these matches can be unpredictable, it’s wise to manage bets by not allocating too much of your bankroll to any single game and spreading risks across different types of bets.

Case Studies: Successful Bets on Emerging Nations

Analyzing past betting successes can provide valuable lessons. For instance, betting on Japan to win against a traditional rugby power at the 2019 World Cup might have seemed risky, but their previous performances indicated a strong upward trajectory. Such bets, based on informed insights, can yield substantial returns.

Leveraging Online Resources and Deals

Using Betting Platforms Utilize online betting platforms that feature comprehensive rugby coverage. These platforms often provide detailed stats and analysis that can aid in making informed bets.

Finding the Best Betting Deals Look for promotions and deals related to rugby betting. Many sportsbooks offer special promotions during major tournaments, which can be a great way to increase the value of your bets.


Exploring the betting markets for emerging rugby nations not only adds excitement but also broadens your betting landscape with new opportunities for substantial gains. With the right approach and strategic betting, these lesser-known teams can provide not just entertainment but also a potential edge in rugby betting. Dive into these markets, use the insights provided, and you might find yourself ahead of the curve in the evolving world of sports betting.

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