Exploring Lesser-Known Cricket Betting Markets


Cricket betting in the UK, especially among men aged 21-35, has traditionally centered around predictable markets such as match winners, series outcomes, and player performance. However, the realm of cricket betting extends far beyond these common bets. Exploring lesser-known markets can open up new avenues for bettors to leverage their cricket knowledge in innovative ways. This article introduces some niche betting options that offer a refreshing twist for those looking to expand their betting horizons.

Betting on the Number of Boundaries

Definition and Importance

In cricket, boundaries (scoring four or six runs from a single ball without the ball being returned) contribute significantly to the team’s score. Betting on the number of boundaries in a game is an exciting market that requires a deep understanding of both the game’s dynamics and individual player capabilities.

Factors Influencing Boundaries

Several factors can influence the number of boundaries in a match, including:

  • Pitch conditions: Flat pitches generally favor batsmen, potentially leading to more boundaries.
  • Player forms: Batsmen known for their aggressive playing styles are more likely to hit boundaries.
  • Match format: T20 matches, known for their fast pace, typically see more boundaries compared to Test matches.

Betting Tips and Strategies

When betting on boundaries, consider:

  • The historical performance of players at the venue.
  • Weather conditions that might affect play.
  • Team strategies, especially in shorter formats where teams might adopt a more aggressive approach from the start.

Man of the Match Betting

Understanding the Market

The ‘Man of the Match’ betting market involves predicting which player will make the most significant impact during a game. This market is popular due to its potential high returns but requires insight into players’ current form and roles.

Player Performance Factors

Key attributes to consider when betting on the Man of the Match include:

  • Recent form and fitness levels.
  • Historical performance against the current opposition.
  • Role in the team, as all-rounders who contribute in multiple facets of the game often have higher chances of winning this award.

Case Studies

Examining past matches where players like Ben Stokes or Virat Kohli have dominated can provide insights into making informed bets in this category. Such players often turn games around with their performances, making them prime candidates for such bets.

Betting on Session Runs

Session Runs Explained

Session runs betting focuses on predicting the number of runs scored in a specific session of the game (e.g., a morning session of a Test match). This type of bet requires understanding the flow of the game and how different sessions might unfold.

Influencing Factors

Factors that might influence session runs include:

  • Over conditions: The state of the ball and the pitch during different times of the day.
  • Time of day: Morning sessions might be slower due to fresh pitches, while post-lunch sessions could see more runs as the pitch wears down.
  • Weather conditions: Overcast conditions can favor bowlers, potentially reducing the number of runs.

Strategies for Session Betting

To successfully bet on session runs, consider:

  • Starting player line-ups and their known performances in similar conditions.
  • Any recent changes in team strategies or player roles.
  • Live match conditions, staying updated through live feeds or betting apps.

How to Find the Best Markets and Deals

Researching Betting Sites

Finding niche markets requires researching and comparing different betting sites. Sites like Bet365, William Hill, and Paddy Power often provide a broader range of markets and competitive odds.

Promotions and Special Offers

Look for sites offering specific promotions on cricket bets. These might include free bets, enhanced odds, and special rebates on lost bets, providing added value.

Staying Updated

Keeping informed about the latest trends and changes in the betting industry can help you take advantage of new opportunities and offerings. Follow sports betting news and subscribe to updates from trusted betting sites.


Venturing into lesser-known cricket betting markets can significantly enhance your betting experience and profitability. By understanding and leveraging the intricacies of these niche markets, you can use your knowledge to make more informed and strategic bets. Whether you’re predicting the number of boundaries, the man of the match, or session runs, each market offers unique challenges and opportunities for the savvy bettor.

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