Estimate’s Royal Win: The 2013 Ascot Gold Cup


The Ascot Gold Cup is one of the most prestigious races in the world of horse racing, capturing the imagination of racing enthusiasts globally. The 2013 edition of this race holds a special place in history due to the remarkable performance of Estimate, a horse owned by none other than Queen Elizabeth II. This victory was not just a win on the racetrack but a significant moment in the Royal Ascot meeting. Estimate’s triumph was a testament to her stamina, strategy, and the deep-rooted tradition of horse racing within the British royal family. This article delves into the intricacies of that historic race, the build-up, the race itself, and the aftermath, providing an insightful look into one of the most memorable moments in modern horse racing.

Estimate: A Royal Contender

Background of Estimate

Estimate was bred by the Aga Khan Studs, a prominent name in the world of horse breeding. She was a bay mare by the stallion Monsun out of the mare Ebaziya. Purchased by Queen Elizabeth II, Estimate was trained by the esteemed Sir Michael Stoute. From early in her career, Estimate showed promise, with a pedigree that combined speed, endurance, and a competitive spirit.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Ownership

Queen Elizabeth II has been a lifelong enthusiast of horse racing, owning and breeding horses that have competed at the highest levels. Her ownership of Estimate added a royal allure to the sport, and the Queen’s passion for racing was well known. Her involvement extended beyond mere ownership; she was deeply interested in the training and progress of her horses, making Estimate’s participation in the Ascot Gold Cup a significant event.

Estimate’s Previous Performances

Before the 2013 Ascot Gold Cup, Estimate had already made a name for herself. Her notable performances included a victory in the 2012 Queen’s Vase at Royal Ascot and a win in the 2013 Sagaro Stakes. These victories showcased her potential and set high expectations for her performance in the Ascot Gold Cup.

Race Day: The 2013 Ascot Gold Cup

Pre-race Preparations

In the lead-up to the 2013 Ascot Gold Cup, Estimate’s training was meticulously planned. Sir Michael Stoute and his team focused on building her stamina and endurance, crucial for the grueling two-and-a-half-mile race. Regular workouts, strategic feeding, and monitoring her health were all part of the preparation. The anticipation was palpable, as fans and pundits speculated on her chances.

Key Competitors

The 2013 Ascot Gold Cup featured a strong field of competitors. Horses like Colour Vision, the previous year’s winner, and Simenon, a formidable contender, were among the key rivals. Each brought unique strengths to the race, making the competition fierce and the stakes high.

The Race Strategy

Estimate’s strategy was to leverage her stamina and stay power. Jockey Ryan Moore, known for his tactical acumen, was tasked with executing this plan. The aim was to keep Estimate well-positioned in the early stages, conserving energy for a strong finish. Moore’s experience and understanding of the race dynamics played a crucial role in the strategy.

The Winning Moment

Detailed Race Analysis

As the race began, Estimate settled into a steady pace, biding her time in the middle of the pack. The early stages saw a tactical battle, with jockeys positioning their horses for the final push. Estimate remained calm and composed, responding well to Moore’s guidance. As they approached the final stretch, Moore urged Estimate forward, and she responded with an impressive burst of speed.

Estimate’s Stamina and Performance

Estimate’s stamina was on full display as she powered through the final furlongs. Her ability to maintain a strong pace and then accelerate when needed was crucial. The final moments were intense, with Estimate fending off challenges from Simenon and Top Trip. Her determination and resilience shone through, securing a memorable victory.

Key Moments in the Race

The pivotal moment came as Estimate moved to the front in the final stretch. Her well-timed surge, combined with Moore’s expert handling, made the difference. The crowd at Ascot erupted in cheers as she crossed the finish line, clinching the win by a narrow margin.

The Aftermath of the Victory

Reactions from Queen Elizabeth II

The victory sparked joyous celebrations, with Queen Elizabeth II’s reaction being one of the highlights. Known for her reserved demeanor, the Queen’s visible delight was a testament to the significance of the win. Her passion for racing and pride in Estimate’s achievement were evident as she accepted the trophy with a beaming smile.

Impact on Estimate’s Career

Estimate’s victory in the Ascot Gold Cup cemented her status as a top-class stayer. The win boosted her reputation and added to her value as a breeding prospect. Although she continued to race, the 2013 Gold Cup remained the pinnacle of her career, showcasing her exceptional talent and endurance.

Significance of the Win During the Royal Meeting

Estimate’s win was historic, marking the first time a reigning monarch’s horse had won the Ascot Gold Cup. The victory highlighted the Royal Meeting’s grandeur and tradition, drawing attention to the rich history of the event. It was a moment that transcended sport, symbolizing the deep connection between the British monarchy and horse racing.

Betting Insights and Deals

Analyzing the Odds

Leading up to the 2013 Ascot Gold Cup, Estimate’s odds were favorable but not overwhelming. Pundits recognized her potential but were cautious given the strong field. Those who bet on Estimate enjoyed substantial returns, with her victory underscoring the importance of assessing form, pedigree, and race conditions in betting strategies.

Betting Strategies for Similar Races

For bettors, the 2013 Ascot Gold Cup offered valuable lessons. Key strategies include studying a horse’s previous performances, understanding race conditions, and considering the jockey’s experience. Additionally, monitoring the training regimen and any changes in a horse’s routine can provide crucial insights.

Current Betting Deals and Promotions

For those inspired by Estimate’s story and looking to place bets on upcoming races, numerous bookmakers offer enticing deals and promotions. From sign-up bonuses to enhanced odds on major races, bettors can find a variety of offers to enhance their betting experience. Always compare different bookmakers to find the best deals and make informed decisions.


Estimate’s victory in the 2013 Ascot Gold Cup remains a landmark moment in horse racing history. It exemplified the perfect blend of royal tradition, expert training, and equine excellence. For bettors and racing fans alike, her story offers valuable insights into the world of high-stakes racing and the thrill of a well-earned victory. Whether you’re inspired by the past or looking to the future, the legacy of Estimate’s royal win continues to resonate, offering lessons and memories that will endure for generations.


What made Estimate’s win in the 2013 Ascot Gold Cup special? Estimate’s win was special because she was owned by Queen Elizabeth II, marking the first time a reigning monarch’s horse won the prestigious race.

How did Estimate prepare for the 2013 Ascot Gold Cup? Estimate’s preparation involved meticulous training focused on building her stamina and endurance, along with strategic guidance from her trainer, Sir Michael Stoute.

Who were Estimate’s main competitors in the race? Key competitors included Colour Vision, the previous year’s winner, and Simenon, a strong contender known for his stamina.

What strategy did Estimate’s team employ during the race? Estimate’s strategy involved maintaining a steady pace early on, conserving energy for a strong finish, expertly executed by jockey Ryan Moore.

How did Queen Elizabeth II react to Estimate’s victory? Queen Elizabeth II was visibly delighted and proud, as evidenced by her beaming smile and joyous celebration when accepting the trophy.

What are some current betting deals for horse racing enthusiasts? Many bookmakers offer promotions such as sign-up bonuses and enhanced odds on major races. It’s advisable to compare offers from different bookmakers to find the best deals.

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