Double Chance Bets: Doubling Up to Reduce Risk


Double chance betting is a favored strategy among soccer bettors, particularly appealing to those who prefer a conservative approach to wagering. By allowing you to cover two of the three possible outcomes in a single bet, double chance bets significantly reduce risk and increase your chances of winning. This article explores how double chance betting works, when to use it, and how to integrate it into your broader betting strategy.

What is Double Chance Betting?

Definition and Explanation

Double chance betting in soccer is a popular betting option that lets you combine two of the three possible outcomes into one bet. These outcomes include either team winning or drawing. The essence of double chance betting is to increase your probability of winning by covering more ground.

Benefits of Double Chance Betting

The primary benefit of double chance betting is reduced risk. While the payouts may not be as high as other betting forms due to the increased likelihood of winning, it offers a safer path, especially in unpredictable or closely matched games.

Mechanics of Double Chance Betting

Betting Options Explained

There are three main options within double chance betting:

  1. Home Win or Draw (1X): Your bet wins if the home team wins or draws.
  2. Away Win or Draw (X2): Your bet wins if the away team wins or draws.
  3. Home Win or Away Win (12): Your bet wins if either team wins, effectively betting against a draw.

Example Bets

For instance, in a match between Chelsea and Arsenal, if you’re not confident Chelsea can secure a win due to Arsenal’s recent form improvement, you might opt for a Double Chance bet on Arsenal to win or draw. This way, you win if Arsenal pulls off an upset or holds Chelsea to a draw.

Strategies for Using Double Chance Bets

When to Use Double Chance Bets

Double chance bets are particularly useful when betting on underdogs or in matches where the outcome is too close to call. They are also advantageous in situations where a draw is a highly probable outcome but you want to keep the win option open.

Analyzing Match Conditions

Effective use of double chance bets requires comprehensive analysis, including current team form, injuries, historical performance in similar matchups, and even weather conditions that might influence the game’s outcome.

Combining with Other Bets

For a diversified betting strategy, combine double chance bets with other types of wagers. For example, pairing a double chance bet with an over/under goal total can enhance potential returns while maintaining a balanced risk level.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Risk vs. Reward

While double chance bets lower the risk of losing, the trade-off typically comes in the form of lower odds compared to more specific bets like exact scorelines or half-time/full-time results.

Market Availability and Odds Variation

Odds and availability can vary significantly between bookmakers. It’s crucial to shop around to find the best odds for your double chance bets, ensuring you are getting the most value out of your wager.

Best Practices and Common Mistakes

Best Practices

Manage your betting bankroll wisely, never wagering more than you can afford to lose, and always setting limits on your bets. This discipline is especially important in a low-risk, low-reward betting approach.

Common Mistakes

A common mistake is using double chance bets indiscriminately without proper analysis, or relying on them excessively, which can dilute potential profits.

Where to Place Double Chance Bets

Selecting the Right Sportsbook

Choose a sportsbook that offers competitive odds for double chance bets and is known for its reliability and comprehensive market coverage. Look for platforms that also offer bonuses and promotions which can be applied to double chance bets.


Double chance betting offers a strategic, lower-risk way to engage in soccer betting, making it ideal for bettors who prefer to play it safe while still participating actively in betting. By understanding and implementing the strategies discussed, you can effectively use double chance bets to enhance your betting portfolio and increase your chances of consistent winnings.

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